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Adaptive Significance


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Adaptive Significance is an entertaining science fiction novel based on  human evolution. The story is about a young man, Cole Grace, who is born with multi-conscious cognitive abilities. When Cole discovers his difference, his reaction is  to try and fit into society like everyone else. However, the forces which drive evolution will not leave him alone. 

Cole and his descendants are forced to leverage their abilities to gain advantage in the quest for survival. Cole designs a new transportation system that changes society's perception of the automobile. He also develops a city-state where everything is recycled. Cole offers a different point of view on the nature of energy. To enhance their competitive advantage, Cole's family implements a non-judgmental, research based education system and they even design an international language. They also develop an alternative to the legal paradigm.

The purpose of this website is to act as a forum to solicit discussion in these five areas.


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Our objective is to take action now which will enhance the survival of the unborn generation.



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